In class on Friday we spent the whole class period figuring out the components of our glyph design. We decided to make our glyph's Jack-O-Lantern's since it is October and close to Halloween. We decided as a class through voting and discussing what each feature of our pumpkin would represent. Such as, the grooves on the pumpkin represent how many siblings you have, or the color outline of the pumpkin represents your favorite color. For my daily work on Friday I created my own Jack-O-Lantern to share with the class on Monday. Here is an example of my finished Jack-O-Lantern glyph. 

I really enjoyed this glyph activity so for my weekly work I decided to teach someone else what a glyph is and how to make one. I decided to use the codes and designs we already created in class to teach to someone else. 
Since I went back home to Illinois this weekend to visit my family I had my one and only Mom help me out with my weekly work! I decided to explain to her everything we did in class on Friday and teach her how to make her own using our codes. 
First I explained to my Mom what a glyph was. I explained it as being a picture that contains data or information about someone. To make a glyph you create codes for the features of your picture. The codes represent data about you. Such as your favorite super power. The code we used in class was for the mouth of our pumpkin and whatever super power you liked the best you matched it up with the certain mouth. To the right is the code we used in class. 

My mom caught on quickly on how to make a glyph and started creating her Jack-O-Lantern right away. This was her end result:
Reflection: Overall I really enjoyed this activity and think that it would be an excellent activity for my future students. It think this activity would be a good beginning of the school year activity to get to know all of the students and have all of the students get to know each other. Also, I believe this activity lets kids be creative with creating codes and questions and designing their glyph. It's also great that each student's glyph will be unique. 

Feedback: Was my explanation of a glyph clear? 
10/15/2013 02:02:28 am

Good post. 5Cs+

Code is probably a good framework for explaining glyphs. I'll borrow that next time and try to give you credit. What did your mom think of the activity?


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