For one of my daily work activities this week I taught a friend how to play the shape attribute game we played in class on Friday. For my weekly work I decided to take the shape attribute game to the next level. This time instead of using basic shapes I used different animals. I love animals and I thought combining science with math would be fun. This game would be good for when children are learning to categorize and learning about different animals and there different habitats and characteristics. 
To set the game up I found images of different animals with different and similar characteristics online. I printed out the pictures and cut them out to turn them into playing cards. I had 27 cards in my set, but it really doesn't matter how many cards are in the set. There could be more or less. 

I decided to teach my good friend Tony how to play the animal version of my attribute game. 

I drew out three different circles, and had each of them overlapping each other a little to form Venn Diagrams. 

I then explained to him that the objective of the game is that one person creates a rule for each circle and the other person tries to guess what the rules are by process of elimination. Also, an animal can be in two different categories at the same time. 

Here is an example of one of our games. The rule for the top left circle is "Cold Blooded Animals" The rule for the top right circle is "Animals That Live in or Spend a lot of Time in Water" and the bottom circle is "Animals that Live in the Jungle". 

There were several different rule possibilities with this animal version of the attribute game such as animals with stripes, animals with four legs, animals that can fly, etc...


Reflection: I really enjoyed this activity and so did my friend, Tony. Unlike shapes, I think that there are more different rules you can make with animals. I also really like combining different subjects together like math and science. I feel that this activity would be enjoyable for children, because who doesn't love animals? Also, it changes up things up instead of just playing the game with geometric shapes.

Feedback: I would like to know if I explained the game rules/objectives well enough. Also, I would like know of any other good ideas for an attribute game. 
Attribute Games Rock!
9/22/2013 12:28:34 am

The rules aren't super clear: what does process of elimination mean?

I'm imagining the rule maker puts in a couple of animals, and then the guesser tries to place new animals? Or maybe you could have it be that they get to ask you about three to start the game?

A video of you guys playing the game would be perfect.

5Cs +

But I love this! It's a great math-science-language arts bridging activity that could work at many levels.

4/19/2017 11:37:32 pm

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