Chapter 6 is about girls and women being discouraged to study mathematics and science. This chapter explains how girls and women want to know how things work while boys and men just do the work and do not ask questions about what they are doing. The chapter also suggested that women do not go into math or science because of societal stereotypes. This chapter's purpose was to help encourage girls to enjoy math and science and to encourage them to make a career out of them.

Honestly, I did not completely agree with chapter. Being a girl, I was never afraid to ask questions in my math classes and was never intimidated by the males in my math classes. I just did not find math interesting at all. I feel like I never would have enjoyed math no matter how many different ways it was presented to me. English and Social Studies were always my favorite subjects. I know several women that are math or science majors, including my own mother who is a high school AP Biology teacher. This chapter felt to me like it was stereotyping all women. I agree that we should encourage all students to go into math or science and enjoy these subjects, but if a student really is not interested in the subject, then they are just not interested. 

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