In class on Friday we worked with Oreo cookies. We worked with Single Stuf Oreo's, Double Stuf Oreo's, and Mega Stuf Oreo's. Our goal was to find out if Double Stuf Oreo's and Mega Stuf Oreo's really had more "stuf" than a Single Stuf Oreo. Is Double Stuf really double stuffed? What does mega stuffed mean? We had so many unsolved Oreo mysteries at the beginning of class. 

To solve these Oreo mysteries our class had each person individually measure different things. First we measured the weight in grams of a whole Single Stuf Oreo, Double Stuf Oreo, and a Mega Stuf Oreo. We also weighed the different cookies without the stuf in the middle and then we also weighed only the stuf in the middle of each Oreo. We also measured the height of each different type of Oreo as a whole cookie, just the stuf, and then one side of the individual cookie. The last thing we measured was the diameter of the cookie and then we measured the diameter of the white stuf of each different Oreo.

Once we found all of the measurements for the Oreo's we then added our data to a Google Document. This now leads to my weekly work. Using all of the information from the Google Document I decided to analyze the Oreo data by finding the Mean, Median, Mode, and Range of our data. I decided to only use the data for the stuf in the middle of the cookie because that is what we really care about, right? 

Oreo Data Google Document:
Before I give my results for the data I analyzed I will explain beforehand how I found all of this information. For each data set I am finding the mean, median, mode, and range. 
To find the mean you need to add up all of the measurements in the data set and once you find the sum of all of the numbers you divide the number of measurements in your data set from the sum you just calculated. 
For example, my data set is 3, 3, 4, 5, 6
Add up all of the numbers in the set so, 3+3+4+5+6= 21
Now since we have 5 numbers in this set we will divide 5 from 21. So 21/5= 4.2 
So our mean or average is 4.2


The median is the number found in the middle of the set. I personally find the median by organizing the data in order from smallest to largest and then I cross off the smallest number and then the largest number, then I cross off the second smallest and then the second largest. I keep crossing off numbers until I get to the middle number. 
For example, using the example data set I used before, 3, 3, 4, 5, 6
The median would be 4, because it is the middle number, so 3, 3, 4, 5, 6

The mode is the number that appears the most in the data set so once again using the data set 3, 3, 4, 5, 6 the number that appears the most is the number 3. It is okay to have more than one mode. 

The range shows the distance between the smallest and largest number in the set. To find the range you take the smallest number in the set and then subtract it from the largest number. So using 3, 3, 4, 5, 6 I would take 6-3=3. So the range from the smallest to the largest number is 3. 

I first analyzed the data for the stuf in the Single Stuf Cookies. I started with the weight of the stuf. 
Mean: 3.43 grams
Median: 3.3 grams
Mode: 3.0 grams and 3.5 grams
Range: 5 grams

I then analyzed the height for the stuf in the Single Stuf Oreo's.
Mean: 0.29 centimeters 
Median: 0.30 centimeters
Mode: 0.30 centimeters
Range: 0.25 centimeters

Finally, I analyzed the the diameter of the stuf in the Single Stuf Oreo's.
Mean: 3.47 centimeters
Median: 3.50 centimeters
Mode: 3.50 centimeters
Range: 0.80 centimeters

Next, I analyzed the data for the stuf in the Double Stuf Oreo's. I started with the weight of the stuf.
Mean: 6.32 grams
Median: 6.30 grams
Mode: 5.80 grams
Range: 3.70 grams

Then I analyzed the height of the stuf.
Mean: 0.49 centimeters
Median: 0.50 centimeters
Mode: 0.50 centimeters
Range: 0.20 centimeters

Then I analyzed the diameter of the stuf in the Double Stuf Oreo's
Mean: 3.76 centimeters
Median: 3.70 centimeters
Mode: 3.70 centimeters
Range: 0.50 centimeters 
Now it's time to analyze the Mega Stuf data! Of course, I started with weight.
Mean: 9.39 grams
Median: 9.10 grams
Mode: 9.0 grams
Range: 3.50 grams

Then I looked at height.
Mean: 0.69 centimeters
Median: 0.70 centimeters
Mode: 0.80 centimeters
Range: 0.30 centimeters

And finally I looked at diameter of the stuf.
Mean: 4.17 centimeters
Median: 4.20 centimeters
Mode: 4.0 centimeters 
Range: 0.60 centimeters 

Reflection: Looking at all of this data it shows that the Double Stuf Oreo's have more stuf than the Single Stuf Oreo's and the Mega Stuf Oreo's have more stuf than the Double Stuf Oreo's. The thing is, there isn't much more stuf in each different type of cookie. According to the mean of the weight, height, and diameter of the Double Stuf Oreo it is about doubled the size to the Single Stuf Oreo. For the Mega Stuf there is only a little more stuf than in the Double Stuf, but the bottom line is there is in fact more stuf. Also, it really depends on the individual Oreo. Looking at the individual data some Oreo's varied in amount of stuf. Overall, this activity would be fun for children because we are applying math to cookies and what child doesn't love cookies? 

Feedback: Are my explanations of mean, median, mode, and range clear? I had difficulty explaining and wording, specifically the median via blog. I feel if I had an actual class in front of me and a white board I could explain these better.  

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